community. caring. respect.
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Who We Are


Gan Gani is the Hebrew for "my Garden". We believe that early childhood education should be a joyous experience without the pressure on young children to perform. We know that each child develops at their own pace and the unique personality and strengths of the child should be celebrated and nurtured.

At Gan Gani Plano, our teachers serve as guides to help each child gain the skills necessary to become confident and risk taking learners. The activities, centers and environment come together to be the most conducive to exploration, learning and fun. 


Rivkie Block - Co-Director  

Jacque Elewitz - Co-Director  

 Natalie Afridonidze  2's Teacher and Aftercare Teacher

Stephanie Prescott 2's Teacher 

Ella Mongrut - 2's Teacher and Aftercare Teacher  

Mushkie Kesselman - 3's Teacher  

Lena Rachinskaya - 3's Teacher  

Linda Chozick - Pre-K Teacher

Lisa Davies - Pre-K Teacher 

Tal Gurfinkel - Aftercare Teacher  


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