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Goals for the Year

Reading Readiness:

Colors and alphabet recognition
Increased vocabulary through stories and discussions.
Letters, words and sentences form books which give us important information.

Math Readiness and Science:

Exposure to numbers 
One to One counting
Simple Patterns
Differentiate between sizes and can sequence accordingly
Simple science experiments

Physical Development

Large muscle (gross motor) running, hopping and jumping
Using pencil and crayons effectively
Hand-eye coordination through puzzles and stringing
Small muscle (fine motor) coloring, pasting and cutting

Socio-Emotional Adjustment and Personal Habits

Learns to adjust to new situations
Plays with other children
Follows classroom rules
Shows respect for own others belongings
Willing to try new activities
Waits turn patiently


Celebrate Shabbat each Friday
Make appropriate blessings before eating
Learn the basic prayers for young jewish children
Learn about the festivals as they approach through stories, crafts and songs


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